What Happened on 24 August 2016

Canadian Mounties Approve Hijabs as Uniform

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who are also called as Mounties have allowed Muslim police officers to wear hijabs as… Read More.

British Woman Killed in Australian Hostel

A 21-year-old British woman was stabbed to death during an attack at backpackers' hostel in Australia. Friends of the victim… Read More.

Japanese Surgeon Gifts Money to Nigerian Olympic Football Team

A Japanese surgeon Katsuya Takasu has gifted around $4,00,000 to the Nigerian Olympic football team as he said he was… Read More.

Turkey Launches Military Operation Against ISIS

According to the reports of Turkish media, a military operation has been launched by Turkey against ISIS in the north… Read More.

N Korea Test Fires Submarine Missile

According to South Korean authorities, North Korea has test fired a submarine ballistic missile from the east coast on Wednesday.… Read More.

Ramsay and Williams Not Playing in Wales

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsay and Johny Williams of Crystal Palace have been ruled out of Wales… Read More.