What Happened on 24 August 2013

Photojournalist gang-raped in India

A 22-year old photojournalist has been raped by five men in Mumbai. One arrest has been made and the victim,… Read More.

Obama calls Syria attack 'big event' needing grave concern

President Obama said the alleged chemical attack on Syria requires America's attention. However he also mentioned that the country cannot… Read More.

Goldman Sachs managing director accused of rape

A Goldman Sachs banker has been charged with raping a woman while being on a vacation in the Hamptons. The… Read More.

ESPN to drop documentary

ESPN dropped the documentary on NFL concussions that it had been working on for over a year. it was a… Read More.

Steve Ballmer to retire from Microsoft

Microsoft announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will retire in 12 months. The investors reacted to this news by buying like… Read More.

Fans can pay to be included in upcoming novel

Sherlock Holmes would personally catch your murderer if you bid at least about $7,780. Author Anthony Horowitz is offering the… Read More.