What Happened on 24 April 2014

Prince Charles' brother-in-law dies after freak-fall

Brother of the duchess of Cornwall, Mark Shand, died after an accident in New York.  "The Duchess, the Prince of… Read More.

Hope may be lost in ferry search

It's less likely that more survivors in the South Korea ferry incident will be rescued since divers weren't able to… Read More.

Object of Interest found in case of missing jet

An "object of interest" has been discovered in southwestern Australia, which could lead officials to finding the missing Malaysia Airlines… Read More.

IRS hands out big bonuses to workers

Employees of the Internal Revenue Service have been paid over $2.8M in bonuses and the amount includes $1M that went… Read More.

Canadian middle-class is richer than American

The New York Times reports that middle-class residents in the United States are no longer the richest ones in the… Read More.

NYPD Twitter campaign goes wrong

A New York City Police Department campaign that aimed to encourage people to share photos of themselves with officers, didn't… Read More.

Text messages to fan costs Buffalo Bills $3M

The Buffalo Bills ended up losing $3M in order to settle a lawsuit by a fan who said the team… Read More.

Ex-cheerleaders sue the Bills

Five former cheerleaders are dragging the Buffalo Bills to court, claiming they weren't paid as much as the minimum wage… Read More.

Supreme Court argues over Aereo case

There were oral arguments inside the Supreme Court in regards to ABC v. Aereo, which is… Read More.

Cellphones can improve literacy

A recent study by the U.N. education agency revealed that cellphones are resulting in people reading in regions where books… Read More.

HBO shows go to Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime customers will soon be able to watch HBO shows but the announcement is only… Read More.

Jodie Foster marries girlfriend

Jodie Foster got married within a year of coming out as gay. The 51-year-old wed her photographer girlfriend Alexandra Hedison… Read More.