What Happened on 23 November 2013

US commemorates John F. Kennedy's 50th death anniversary

Americans commemorated the 50th anniversary of Former President John F. Kennedy's assassination in Dallas' Dealey Plaza yesterday. Memorial services recalling… Read More.

44 dead in Chinese oil pipe explosion

An oil pipeline burst into flames in an explosion near the port city of Qingdao in eastern China. At least… Read More.

Ikea Senior Executives accused of spying in France

Ikea France's present CEO and CFO, and a former CEO, have been placed under formal investigation for allegedly gaining illegal… Read More.

Felipe Massa wonders where's the next generation of Brazilian F1 drivers

Ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend, Felipe Massa is wondering "where will the next generation of Brazilian Formula 1… Read More.

US fliers may have to pay for in-flight cell phone calls

The US federal government is likely to end the ban on in-flight phone calls soon and cellular companies are anticipating… Read More.

Miley Cyrus celebrates her 21st birthday with MTV

MTV network executives announced that Miley Cyrus would choose the content of the channel for 8 hours on… Read More.