What Happened on 23 February 2014

Most powerful drug lord arrested

The world's most powerful drug lord has been captured by a joint US-Mexican force. Reports suggest that Joaquin "El Chapo"… Read More.

Dementia villages let patients lead a normal life

Imagine dementia patients being allowed to lead a normal life by doing grocery shopping and cooking and cleaning. Elderly people… Read More.

Woman sues Dunkin' Donuts over hot coffee

This story probably doesn't sound new: Dunkin' Donuts is being sued for its unreasonably hot coffee, which burned a Jersey… Read More.

LeBron scares his teammates

LeBron James lay on the court for a few minutes after Oklahoma City defender Serge Ibaka got his hand in… Read More.

Facebook offers memorial videos to users

Facebook is changing the way it handles the memorialized pages of users by maintaining the visibility of a person's content… Read More.

Train hits and kills female crew member of film

A crew member died and seven others got injured when a train hit the film crew shooting about the life… Read More.