What Happened on 23 December 2015

France beheading: suspect kills himself

Yassin Salhi, the French terror suspect who had beheaded his boss in June, has killed himself in prison. As per… Read More.

Explosion at Istanbul airport, one dead

A female cleaner was killed in an explosion that occurred on the tarmac at Sabiha Gokcen airport in Read More.

Polish leader fears serious crisis if the UK leaves EU

The European Union would face a serious problem, if the UK were to depart, Andrzej Duda, the… Read More.

Russian air strikes in Syria killed 200 civilians, says Amnesty International report

An Amnesty International report has said that the Russian air strikes in Syria have killed around 200… Read More.

ICC names Steve Smith as the cricketer and Test Cricketer of the Year

The International Cricket Council has named, Steve Smith, Australia captain, as the Cricketer of the Year and Test Cricketer of… Read More.