What Happened on 23 December 2013

Pilot crashed Mozambican plane on purpose

Preliminary investigations suggest that the pilot of a Mozambican Airlines plane "made a deliberate series of maneuvers" while his co-pilot… Read More.

Al-Qaeda apologizes for attacking Yemen hospital

Al-Qaeda is not an organization that people associate with remorse. However, the terrorist network recently apologized for an… Read More.

13 charged in Bangladesh factory fire

Owners of a garment factory in Bangladesh along with 11 managers, security guards and engineers, have been charged with culpable… Read More.

Cracker Barrel removes selected Duck Dynasty items

Given the ongoing controversy over Phil Robertson's recent anti-gay remarks, Cracker Barrel is getting rid of some selected Duck Dynasty… Read More.

Chinese billionaire missing in helicopter crash

After a Chinese billionaire bought a vineyard, its previous owner took him for a tour on a helicopter, which ended… Read More.

Chase reacts to Target data breach and limits debit card use

It all began when Target announced that there was a massive credit and debit card breach and about 40M of… Read More.

Bears' Henry Milton charged with public intoxication and assault

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton was arrested after he punched the manager and refused to leave Chill Sports Bar… Read More.

Miami Dolphins woken up by fire alarm in the night

The Miami Dolphins were woken up by a fire alarm the night before their game in Buffalo.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Justine Sacco apologized over AIDS tweet

Former PR executive Justine Sacco has issued an apology over her wildly insensitive and racist tweet regarding AIDS.  "For being… Read More.

Online memorials help people to cope with loss

Nelson Mandela's death made thousands of admirers from all around the world to express their grief and sympathy online. Not… Read More.

'Duck Dynasty' star's 2010 sermon is unearthed

Although, Phil Robertson's anti-gay comments in GQ magazine are much talked about, his words in a 2010 sermon at a… Read More.

8 stars who thought DDs were not the best idea

Heidi Montag thought her implants were a bad idea since they'd remind her of "bowling balls." However, she's not the… Read More.