What Happened on 23 August 2013

Mubarak under house arrest at military hospital

Hosni Mubarak was released from prison and transported to a hospital today. The former president will now be held under… Read More.

Deadliest chemical weapons possibly used in Syria

Videos and reports from Syria are helping experts to make some inferences regarding the types of chemical weapons used in… Read More.

Indonesian education chief to plan virginity tests

Education chief Muhammad Rasyid wants to "protect children from prostitution and free sex" by making the female high school students… Read More.

Gun control activists to forgo their Starbucks fix

A group of gun control activists are encouraging their supporters to skip a day of Starbucks this Saturday since the… Read More.

Nasdaq back in business after glitch

Nasdaq has resumed trading after a technical glitch brought it to a halt for over three hours. The glitch occurred… Read More.

Woman to rack up $106K in parking tickets

A woman has agreed to pay the city of Chicago an amount of $4,500. This sounds like a reasonable sum… Read More.

Brian Wilson offered $1 million by razor company

Dodgers reliever could make $1 million by just shaving his beard. The razor company 800Razors.com wants Brian Wilson as the… Read More.

N.C. school fires football coach

A week before North Carolina Central opens the 2013 season, the team fired Henry Frazier as the football coach.  No… Read More.

Apple to buy transit-app maker Embark

Apple has bought a third mapping company this year by snapping up Embark.  The tech giant confirmed the deal by… Read More.

The Air Force to have trouble recruiting

Piloting drones is an unpopular profession and the Air Force is having trouble recruiting new people. Even the ones already… Read More.

Wentworth Miller reveals sexual orientation

The 'Prison Break' star, Wentworth Miller revealed that he is gay. He refused to travel to Russia for an event… Read More.

Stallone could star in 'Rambo' TV series

A TV series based on the franchise 'Rambo' is in the making.  The series is supposed to be created and… Read More.