What Happened on 22 September 2015

20 civilians killed in Yemen airstrikes

Twenty civilians were killed and dozens of others injured when warplanes of the Saudi-led coalition hit houses in Yemeni capital… Read More.

Suspect involved in Pakistan air base attack arrested

Pakistan intelligence agencies have arrested a suspect involved in last week's attack on a Pakistan Air Force (PAF) base camp… Read More.

US-China conflict not inevitable: Rice

A conflict between the US and China is not inevitable, a top American foreign… Read More.

Burkina Faso: Coup leader to 'hand over power'

The coup leader, General Gilbert Diendere has apologized to the country and said that he would soon hand over power… Read More.

Unique method to curb credit card frauds globally

In a move to stem credit card frauds worldwide, a team of US researchers has developed an inexpensive, secure method… Read More.

Volkswagen's shares plunge 18.6 percent

The shares of the German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) plunged 18.6 percent as it is faced with emissions manipulations accusations in… Read More.

Michelin promises its tyres will make F1 drivers 'happy'

Tyre manufacturer Michelin promised its product will let drivers race flat out and make themselves happy if it wins the… Read More.

Novel coating that cools solar cells to boost efficiency

Three engineers including one of Indian-origin from Stanford University have invented a novel transparent coating that… Read More.

Microsoft becomes largest exporting company in Ireland

US tech firm Microsoft has become the largest exporting company in Ireland, taking over from Google, a… Read More.