What Happened on 22 March 2016

NASA catches exploding star on camera

NASA’s Kepler space telescope has successfully captured the scintillating flash of an exploding star which lasted only 20 minutes and… Read More.

Former Intel chief Andy Grove dies at 79

After struggling with Parkinson’s since a long time, the Silicon Valley elder statesman, Andy Grove left for his heavenly abode… Read More.

South Korea reports first Zika case

The mosquito-borne virus Zika has been found in a Brazil-returned South Korea resident. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention… Read More.

Kim Jong-Un guides test firing of new rocket launcher

North Korea’s top-notch leader Kim Jong-Un guided the test firing of a large-caliber multiple rocket launcher. Quite satiated with the… Read More.

Russia airport reopens after Flydubai flight crash

Two days after the Flydubai Boeing 737 crashed, killing all 62 on board; the airport in the Russian city of… Read More.