What Happened on 22 January 2016

North Korea arrests US student

A US student has been arrested in North Korea on charges of committing a hostile act… Read More.

42 migrants killed in shipwrecks off Greece

At least 42 migrants have drowned in two shipwrecks in the Aegean Sea. According to media reports, 34 people were… Read More.

Migrant crisis putting EU at risk, warns French PM

The European refugee crisis is putting the European Union at grave risk, warned the Prime Minister of France Manuel Valls.… Read More.

Alexander Litvinenko accused Andrei Lugovoi terms public inquiry as nonsense

Andrei Lugovoi, who has been accused by a public inquiry of being one of the killers of Alexander Litvinenko, a… Read More.

Manchester United denies reports of meeting Bayern Munich manager Guardiola

Manchester United have reputed reports that they approached Pep Guardiola, manager of Bayern Munich, about the possibility of him replacing… Read More.