What Happened on 22 January 2014

'First Lady' role is sexist and needs to go

Nabila Randani in the Guardian notes that it may be time to move past the sexist role of the first… Read More.

Japan slaughters dolphins under cover

Japanese fishermen managed to wrap up their annual dolphin slaughter in the middle of protests and reports suggest that about… Read More.

Venezuela president blames telenovelas for crime

President Nicolas Maduro has blamed telenovelas for the increasing crime in Venezuela. He mentioned that soap operas teach the wrong… Read More.

Billionaires are expected to ride buses to get to the Super Bowl

You only need about $2,700 to be able to attend Super Bowl XLVII. The rich can, however, buy their front… Read More.

Smog is being exported to the US from China

America's air hasn't improved much after the nation outsourced its emission producing industries to China. A new study finds that… Read More.

Apple's new iPads have sold well in the U.S.

The new iPad Air and iPad Mini sold well during the initial months after their launch and Apple is expected… Read More.

South Carolina coach apologizes for tirade

South Carolina coach Frank Martin is known for his strong words and intimidating stare downs. However, he apologized for his… Read More.

Tom Brady to not watch the Super Bowl

Tom Brady mentioned in an interview that he won't be watching Super Bowl XLVIII.  "I don't have much of a… Read More.

'Password' is not the most common password anymore

Those who use '123456' as their passwords may need to make the change since it's been named the worst password… Read More.

8-hour workdays should be embraced

Employees who put in long hours in the tech world receive a sort of "badge of honor" but such dedication… Read More.

Lady Gaga un-banned in China

People in China can finally purchase an album by Lady Gaga. However, they should be warned that their copy would… Read More.

Why do celebs love the Chateau Marmont?

Many celebrities flock to the Chateau Marmont for some simple reasons: Built in 1926, the Hollywood hotel can not only… Read More.