What Happened on 22 February 2014

Sudan convicts a gang-rape victim

A court in Sudan has convicted an 18-year-old pregnant woman for having the audacity of being the victim of a… Read More.

This January was the fourth warmest ever

People living in the Eastern US may find this hard to believe but this was the fourth-warmest January in the… Read More.

Pizza Hut shuts down after shocking video

Looks like fast-food workers behaved badly in West Virginia, causing Pizza Hut to shut down.  Reports suggest that a video… Read More.

First doping case in Sochi Olympics

An unidentified German athlete failed a drug test for the Sochi Olympics and the German Olympic Committee mentioned that it… Read More.

See people's reactions using Samba messaging app

Whenever you post a video of yourself on social media, you receive people's reactions in the form of "likes" or… Read More.

Modern Family star assaulted in Sydney

Authorities have charged a 29-year-old man of assaulting Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who plays the role of teenager Haley… Read More.