What Happened on 22 December 2013

Newly freed Russian tycoon reunited with family

After Vladimir Putin freed Mikhail Khodorkovsky yesterday, the oil tycoon reunited with his family without wasting any further time.  Khodorkovsky… Read More.

Spain to impose restrictions on abortions

Women in Spain are currently able to get an abortion within the first 14 weeks of being pregnant. However, the… Read More.

Target attracts shoppers with 10 percent discount

Target is attempting to make up for the bad press regarding its credit card breach by offering its customers a… Read More.

Ronda Rousey had a bad experience while filming 'The Ultimate Fighter'

Ronda Rousey doesn't care if people have a negative opinion about her after watching "The Ultimate Fighter," given that it… Read More.

Verizon to publish reports on data requested by NSA

Looks like the NSA's ability to snoop around took another hit: Verizon has announced that it will now publish reports… Read More.

10 celebrities turned vegan

Jay Z and Beyonce are not the only popular celebrities to have given up animal products (Beyonce continues to wear… Read More.