What Happened on 22 August 2015

Greece: Syriza rebels form new party as country heads to polls

Rebels from Greece’s ruling Syriza party unhappy with the bailout deal have formed a new anti-austerity party.… Read More.

North Korea warns of 'all-out war' as tensions in peninsula escalate

In a sign of increasing tensions in the peninsula, North Korea has warned that it is prepared to risk an… Read More.

Macedonia: Migrants try to charge police lines at border

Several people have been injured as hundreds of migrants tried to charge police lines at the Macedonian border with Greece,… Read More.

Yemen: 58 killed in heavy fighting in Taiz

Intense fighting in and around Taiz city in southern Yemen has killed at least 58 people and… Read More.

France: American passengers overpower gunman, prevent train massacre

Two American passengers reportedly overpowered a gunman who opened fire on a train in northern France. Three… Read More.

Adultery site Ashley Madison faces $578mn class action lawsuit

Two law firms in Canada have filed a $578 million class action lawsuit against the firms that run dating site… Read More.