What Happened on 22 August 2013

Half-naked man breaches security and enteres Merkel's jet

An intruder, high on drugs got aboard German Chancellor Angela Merkel's jet. The plane was empty at the time and… Read More.

Mubarak to be on house arrest

Hosni Mubarak is being released from prison but will be put under house arrest. According to Prime Minister, Hazem el-Beblawi,… Read More.

Chemical attack in Syria

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria According to Reuters, nearly 500 people have been killed after the chemical weapon… Read More.

Face time with experts on Google

People generally find solutions to their problems through Google. The search engine is now offering face-to-face advice straight from experts… Read More.

Death of Bank intern raises questions

The police have confirmed that nothing suspicious has been found concerning the death of the intern at Bank of America.… Read More.

Georgia is the most expensive state for driving

The cost of buying and driving a vehicle in Georgia is quite expensive, as shown by a new study. Oregon,… Read More.

Dad and son kicked out of game over handing beer to a minor

Ticket holder John Coulter asked his 15-year-old son to hold his beer at the Arizona Cardinals' preseason game. He was… Read More.

Renowned daredevil dies

Base jumper, Mario Richard dies in Italy at the age of 47. The details of his death are still not… Read More.

Zuckerberg partners with companies for Internet access

Facebook CEO has announced his partnership with companies such as Nokia and Samsung Electronics in order to ensure that everyone… Read More.

Netflix introduces new feature

Netflix said its new feature will make streaming even easier for users. The 'My List' feature will enable Netflix users… Read More.

Sydney Leathers' reasoning for filming porno

When Fox News asked Sydney Leathers as to why she changed her mind about filming an adult movie, she said… Read More.

Carre Otis opens up about her career

Carre Otis responded to the young women who wanted to look like her and asked her questions regarding the same. … Read More.