What Happened on 22 April 2017

Shooting at Russia's FSB Office in Khabarovsk Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

A lone gunman entered the regional office of the Russian Security agency, FSB, in Khabarovsk and opened fire, killing one… Read More.

Map Showing Location of Shooting at Russia FSB office in Khabarovsk
Karim Cheurfi, a Convicted Criminal, Identified as the Paris Champs Elysees Attacker

As per reports, the Public Prosecutor in Paris has named Karim Cheurfi as the gunman who carried out the shooting… Read More.

Location Map of Paris Shooting at Champs Elysees
Taliban Attacks Afghan Military Base, Over 140 Soldiers Killed

As per reports, Taliban fighters disguised as Afghan soldiers arrived in two military trucks on 21 April and talked their… Read More.

Location Map of Mazar-E-Sharif Military Base Afghanistan
Foreign Home Buyers in Toronto to Pay 15% Tax

As per reports, foreign home buyers in Toronto will be subject to a 15% tax in a bid to… Read More.