What Happened on 22 April 2014

More Nigerian girls missing than initially reported

Islamic extremists reportedly kidnapped nearly 234 girls from the northeast Nigerian school and the number is a lot more than… Read More.

Death toll in ferry disaster hits 87

More than 87 people have died as a result of the ferry disaster in South Korea and 215 people are… Read More.

Massive attack on al-Qaeda being carried out

The Yemen drone strike that killed more than nine suspected al-Qaeda members may have only been the tip of the… Read More.

Ukraine attack will cost Russia

Vladimir Putin's rating increased and reached 72 percent during the Ukraine crisis but this could change when the Russians realize… Read More.

General Mills alters right to sue

You won't have to lose any rights if you "like" Wheaties on social media. Reports suggest that social media outcry… Read More.

64 percent of Airbnb rentals in New York are illegal

Most of Airbnb offerings in New York City may be illegal. The attorney general argued this fact before a court… Read More.

American conquers boston marathon

Rita Jeptoo of Kenya won her Boston Marathon women's title and became the three-time winner for the seventh time.  Moreover,… Read More.

This year's race was special for Boston runners

This year's race at the Boston marathon will continue to remain important for years to come.  Dave Fortier of Time… Read More.

Most Americans doubt the Big Bang

A new survey revealed that Americans generally tend to believe scientists when it comes to matters about health but there's… Read More.

Which is the last app you look at before going to bed?

We constantly go through our smartphone apps in order to check the weather or edit photos. But which is the… Read More.

Lindsay Lohan said she had a miscarriage

Lindsay Lohan's reality show got a little too dramatic last night when she revealed the reason behind a two-week pause… Read More.

Julia Roberts speaks about sister's death

Many things have been said about Julia Roberts' troubled relationship with her late half sister, Nancy Motes. However, the actress… Read More.