What Happened on 21 September 2013

Baby died on baggage carousel in Spain

A 5-month old baby died on a baggage carousel in Alicante and investigators are trying to figure out how that… Read More.

Almost 100 killed in Mexico

The tropical storm double-whammy hit Mexico this week killing at least 97 excluding the ones that are missing. For instance,… Read More.

Honest homeless person gets a big payoff

A homeless man who returned a backpack containing $42,000 in cash as well as some traveler's checks raked in over… Read More.

Cornell Lacrosse team suspended

The Cornell men's lacrosse team has been temporarily suspended by the university over "coerced consumption of alcohol by underage freshmen". … Read More.

Google flattens its logo

Google has made a small change to its logo by flattening it. The change is "extremely subtle" since the company… Read More.

Selena Gomez cancels shows in Russia

Selena Gomez's fans in Russia will have to wait to see her onstage since Russian authorities have denied her a… Read More.