What Happened on 21 October 2013

NSA hacked emails of two Mexican Presidents

It was recently revealed that NSA hacked the emails of Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieta prior to his election. Reports… Read More.

Anti-shark fin soup campaign becomes popular in China

Most Chinese people weren't aware of the environmental concerns that come with eating shark fin soup but the public awareness… Read More.

Couple that kidnapped blonde girl are facing charges

Greek police are trying to figure out the identity of a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes who… Read More.

JPMorgan strikes a deal with DoJ

JPMorgan has stuck a $13B deal with the Department of Justice in order to settle its civil investigations into the… Read More.

Campaign raises $10K for woman who stole fountain change

The woman who stole $2.87 from a courthouse fountain so she could buy food was arrested but there's still good… Read More.

Walmart attempts to look cool and compete with Amazon

Walmart is now trying to expand its presence in Silicon Valley by offering foosball tables and treadmills to engineers and… Read More.

IndyCar's Wilson to return home after injury

Justin Wilson is returning to his home in Longmont, Colo. after being hospitalized for injuries sustained during a crash in… Read More.

Former Washington football coach dies

The former University of Washington football coach Don James died on Sunday at the age of 80 and r Read More.

Al Gore got drunk and almost bought Twitter

Social media giant Al Gore came close to buying Twitter back in 2009.  "My partner Joel Hyatt and I, back… Read More.

Should kids be allowed to hack iPads?

Some kids at a high school in LA managed to bypass the controls that prevented them from using sites such… Read More.

Some celebrity SAT scores are shockingly high

You would probably feel bad after knowing that Ke$ha scored 1500 out of 1600 on the SATs and Natalie Portman's… Read More.

Gravity wins box office again

'Gravity' won box-office third time in a row and made $31M this weekend. Although 'Carrie' was expected to make almost… Read More.