What Happened on 21 November 2013

Syria's weapons may be burned at sea

No nation wants Syria's chemical weapons to be destroyed on its soil. For instance, thousands of people in Albania protested,… Read More.

Vancouver bans doorknobs

Vancouver is getting rid of something that people wouldn't guess is problematic: doorknobs.  Since levers are easier to be used… Read More.

Alcoholics in Amsterdam paid in beer to clean streets

Amsterdam has found a new way to keep its streets clean: A local foundation is paying alcoholics with beer and… Read More.

McDonald's suggests people to sell their stuff

McDonald's gave some financial advice through its McResource tip website, saying readers would be able to… Read More.

Guy finds $100k floating in river

A UK man discovered something unusual while walking his dog last month: $100,000 in cash floating down Spalding River.  The… Read More.

Bills fan fired and barred from games after fall

A Buffalo Bills fan, Rob Hopkins fell 30 feet into the crowd at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday.  He put… Read More.

Mass. school's football season is canceled

A Massachusetts high school canceled its remaining football season due to several incidents with racism.  For instance, a message including… Read More.

2022 World Cup stadiums to be built by forced labor

Qatar is using abused migrant workers to build the 2022 World Cup stadiums and several Nepalese workers have died as… Read More.

Virginia high school students build satellite

One of the 29 satellites that blasted into space yesterday has made headlines for special reasons: it's the first time… Read More.

Google agreed to removing image from maps

A 14-year-old teen was murdered four years ago and his family recently discovered that his body along with the police… Read More.

Fergie chose baby's name in dream

At least one celebrity made sure to explain why her baby is going to be given such an odd name:… Read More.

Bush sits down with Jay Leno

George W. Bush made a rare appearance on national television by being on Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  Bush previously… Read More.