What Happened on 21 May 2015

Malaysia launches search and rescue mission for migrant boats

Najib Razak, the Malaysian prime minister, has said that his country will launch search and rescue operations in the Andaman… Read More.

Over 100 documents recovered from Osama bin Laden raid released

The US has released over 100 documents and letters recovered from the 2011 special forces raid on… Read More.

Xi Jinping warns against 'foreign influence' on religions within China

Chinese President Xi Jinping has warned against foreign influence on religions within the country. The Chinese government has asked religious… Read More.

US: Mysterious robotic spacecraft launched for fourth secretive mission

A mysterious US space plane has been launched for its fourth secretive mission. The mission by the… Read More.

Qatar made little progress on improving rights of migrant workers: Amnesty

Qatar has not made much progress in improving the rights of migrant workers as the country witnesses… Read More.

Chile: Pinochet's secret police chief sentenced again; jail term increases to 505 years

Manuel Contreras, the secret police chief of Chile’s former dictator Augusto Pinochet, has been handed another 15-year… Read More.

US: Major banks fined $5.7bn for manipulating currency market

Some of the world’s biggest banks have to pay a total fine of $5.7 billion for charges that include manipulation… Read More.

Britain's EU exit will harm investment and jobs, warns Airbus UK head

Paul Kahn, the chief of Airbus UK, has warned that Britain’s possible exit from the EU would… Read More.

Airbus crash in Spain: Reports hint at 'software problems' as major cause

Software glitches may have led to the May 9 military plane crash near Seville in Spain that… Read More.