What Happened on 21 March 2014

Has the missing jet finally been found?

It's been 13 days since Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing. Authorities in Australia received two possible pieces of plane… Read More.

Pistorius to sell late girlfriend's house

Reports suggest that the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is costing him $9k each day so the athlete has decided… Read More.

Student breaks old statue while taking selfie

A teenager reportedly broke a centuries-old statue while trying to take the perfect selfie. Witnesses in Milan mentioned that the… Read More.

Janet Yellen makes mistake in Fed debut

A lot is being talked about Janet Yellen's first news conference after she assumed leadership for the Federal Reserve. Observers… Read More.

Booze to come to Starbucks

Starbucks will soon become the place where you get booze instead of only food and coffee. The COO revealed that… Read More.

Man buys a dog for $2M

A Chinese property developer recently purchased a Tibetan mastiff puppy for $2M. The amount is the highest price to have… Read More.

Titanium clubs linked to golf course fires

You might want to think before taking your titanium golf clubs out in the warmer weather since reports reveal that… Read More.

Chapman out for 2 months after breaking nose

Cincinnati Reds closer Aroldis Chapman is undergoing surgery after suffering a mild concussion. Reports suggest that he is now getting… Read More.

Unplugging is just ignoring the world

People in the US began to unplug earlier this year in response to our "age of technological anxiety." The fifth… Read More.

TV show about superheroes to head to the PlayStation

It's time for Netflix to move over again since Sony has managed to get rights to a comic about detectives… Read More.

Cops look at Cobain death once again

Media reports in Seattle indicated that authorities might be opening the case of Kurt Cobain's death. The police had reportedly… Read More.

Obama calls Oscar selfie a cheap stunt

Obama appeared on Ellen and the show released clips where the president is said the Oscar stunt was cheap. "Getting… Read More.