What Happened on 21 January 2016

Tiger attacks keeper at Australia Zoo

A keeper working at Australia Zoo was attacked by a tiger. As per reports, the keeper recovered puncture wounds to… Read More.

5.9 magnitude earthquake jolts China

China’s northwestern Qinghai province was jolted by a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. As per the US Geological… Read More.

Gunmen attack at Bacha Khan University, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan - Jan 20, 2016

Charsadda attack: Vigils held for people who died in university attack Peshawar, Jan 21,… Read More.

Findings of an inquiry into the killing of Alexander Litvinenko to be released

A judge is due to release the findings of a public inquiry into the killing of Alexander Litvinenko, a former… Read More.

Asian stock markets open higher

Asian stock markets made gains after turmoil on financial markets witnessed a fall in US and European indexes following another… Read More.