What Happened on 21 January 2014

Hong Kong woman arrested for torturing maid

Hong Kong police arrested a woman who allegedly tortured her Indonesian maid. The 23-year-old maid returned back to Indonesia and… Read More.

30 sentenced to death in Vietnam

A single trial in Vietnam resulted in sentencing 30 people to death, out of which nine were women.  In the… Read More.

Titanic's 'last mystery' turns into a joke

The "last mystery" of Titanic was a question of whether or not a 2-year-old child on the ship go down… Read More.

Why are lawyers committing suicide?

Eight out of the 50 associates in the country are attempting to solve the matter after South Carolina saw six… Read More.

85 wealthiest individuals have as much money as the poorest half

A shocking report showed that the poorest half of the entire population in the world makes as much money as… Read More.

Amazon may ship your product before you even buy it

Amazon may have the ability to see into the future: Reports suggest that the firm can predict the needs of… Read More.

Gary McCord says success comes with a price

Golf announcer Gary McCord spoke about his favorite broadcasters and the challenges that come with being someone like Tiger Woods. … Read More.

Kobe Bryant won't be playing in 2016 Olympics

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant revealed to the press that he won't be playing for Team USA in the… Read More.

Is the Silk Road mastermind really Ross Ulbricht?

FBI successfully took town Silk Road in October of last year along with its mastermind "Dread Pirate Roberts." The FBI… Read More.

Ditching ObamaCare could be a nightmare

This Missouri resident had a hard time signing up for ObamaCare but an even harder time getting off of it. … Read More.

Actors continue to starve themselves for roles

Matthew McConaughey has joined the long list of actors who have starved themselves to do justice to a role. He… Read More.

Katherine Heigl may have been demoted back to TV

It appeared that Katherine Heigl was on her way to becoming a big star. However, a couple of bad movies… Read More.