What Happened on 21 February 2016

Government school blown in Waziristan in Pakistan

Taliban has blown a part of newly constructed government school in the tehsil Tiarza area of Waziristan region in South… Read More.

Twin car bomb shakes Syria

One of the deadliest attacks in five years in Syria has led to killing of 46 people and has left… Read More.

Ventilation 'corridors' to tackle air pollution in Beijing

Pollution has been spurring public protests all over in China, especially on environmental degradation. A reduction of pollution by 40%… Read More.

Microsoft launches Paper App named Plumbago

Plumbago was launched by Microsoft’s internal incubator ‘Microsoft Garage’. It is a digital notebook application for Windows 8.1 and tablets… Read More.

U.S. government declares hover board unsafe

One of the hottest selling items in the holiday season are hover boards, unfortunately the Consumer Product Safety Commission, U.S.… Read More.

New F1 car launched by Ferrari

In lieu of posing a challenge to Mercedes during the 2016 Formula One season, Ferrari has launched a new F1… Read More.