What Happened on 21 February 2014

US bombed its own base

Bombing your own base is not exactly an excellent war tactic. However, a YouTube video shows that the US did… Read More.

Two found dead on Captain Philips ship

Dead bodies of two American security officers were found on the Maersk Alabama container ship, which is popularly known as… Read More.

Cleaner tosses $14K worth of art

A cleaner at an art exhibition held in Italy didn't realize that pieces of cookies, cardboard and newspaper was part… Read More.

One person wins $425M Powerball

A resident of a small city called Milipitas located 10 miles from San Jose, Calif. has won last night's $425M… Read More.

Workers at Gap will make $10 per hour soon enough

Gap is setting its minimum wage to $9 this summer and to $10 in the year 2015. The company mentioned… Read More.

Why did Facebook spend a fortune on WhatsApp?

Facebook recently ended up spending $19B in order to acquire WhatsApp, which is a messaging service used by 450M users. … Read More.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveil new logo

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new logo Thursday, which looks a little bit like their old one.  The only… Read More.

Ovechkin's father recovering after falling ill during Olympics

Alex Ovechkin's father is recovering after falling ill following Russia's game against Slovakia.  Reports suggest that Mikhail Ovechkin is out… Read More.

University of Maryland gets hacked

Your personal records at the University of Maryland may have been stolen if you were issued an ID by the… Read More.

Researchers working on lie detector for Twitter

European researchers are working on a system that can catch lies on Twitter and other social media. The goal of… Read More.

Kate Mara said she got paid to lie

Netflix probably thinks that people only need five or six days to watch the new season of House of Cards… Read More.

Viral video made for Tonight Show

A video that aired last night on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show showed dozens of news clips, resulting in a performance… Read More.