What Happened on 20 September 2014

Salmond to resign as first minister of Scotland

Alex Salmond has announced he will resign as the first minister of Scotland and Scottish National Party (SNP) leader after… Read More.

Catalonia to vote for 'independence'; Spain says it is illegal

Catalonia’s parliament has passed a law that would lead to a non-binding vote on independence in November, after realizing that… Read More.

Al-Qaeda's Indian branch is delusional, says Narendra Modi

In his first major television interview after becoming prime minister, Narendra Modi has played down al-Qaeda’s attempt to establish an… Read More.

Federal police takes over security at Australia's house of parliament

The Australian government has ordered the federal police to handle the security at the house of parliament after intelligence reports… Read More.

Nigerian police accused of widespread abuse

Amnesty International has accused security forces in Nigeria of routinely torturing men, women and children who are often detained as… Read More.

Alibaba valued at over $230bn after New York Stock Exchange debut

Alibaba made a remarkable debut on the New York Stock Exchange, ending the day valued at more than $230 billion.… Read More.