What Happened on 20 September 2013

Syria could miss the first arms deal deadline

The U.S. is not panicking over the fact that Syria might not get a full inventory of the chemical weapons… Read More.

Putin might seek a fourth term

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin said he might run for president again when his third term is over in 2018. … Read More.

Tony Blair's daughter held at gunpoint

Former British PM Tony Blair's daughter was recently held at gunpoint for a short period in central London. The incident… Read More.

Ty Warner pays $53M over secret account

Ty Warner did become the 209th richest man in the U.S. by creating Beanie Babies but he is now expected… Read More.

Woman make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes

The gap between the earnings of men and women hasn't changed in a decade. New data shows that women still… Read More.

Work for NASA in bed for 15 weeks

NASA is looking for test subjects who would volunteer to lie in bed for 15 weeks and get paid $5,000… Read More.

Andy Murray to undergo back surgery

Andy Murray will miss the rest of the season and have a surgery to fix his back problem. His management… Read More.

Teens trash ex-NFLer's home

Hundreds of high-schoolers had a Labor Day party at an ex-NFLer's home in Stephentown, New York and didn't even invite… Read More.

Man who bought you Nintendo died at 85

Hiroshi Yamauchi, the man who was responsible for making Nintendo a videogame giant died at the age of 85 due… Read More.

First Amendment protects our right to "Like" on Facebook

According to a federal judge's ruling yesterday, the thumbs-up on Facebook is part of our free speech protected by the… Read More.

Miley poses topless for an alternative cover

Miley Cyrus shows more skin for another cover of her album "Bangerz". Three additional songs have been featured in the… Read More.

Cher is 'ashamed' of dissing Miley Cyrus

Cher previously had some negative words to say in regards to Miley Cyrus' VMA performance but she has now tweeted… Read More.