What Happened on 20 October 2013

Archaeologists in India hunt for gold after guru's dream

Archaeologists in India are looking for gold at the fort of Raja Rao Ram Bux Singh located in the state… Read More.

Miscarriage is murder in El Salvador

Glenda Xiomara Cruz went to the nearest public hospital after suffering a miscarriage last October; she wasn't aware she was… Read More.

Grandfather makes $200k off a bet on grandson

A grandfather had bet on his grandson Harry Wilson that he'll become a professional athlete. The $80 turned into $202,000… Read More.

NBA Hall of Fame arrested for having gun at the airport

NBA Hall of Fame Bill Russell was arrested for possessing a .38-caliber pistol loaded with six rounds at Seattle-Tacoma International… Read More.

Site tells you who died inside your home

If you think your place is haunted, you can now find out if anyone has died there.  The new website… Read More.

Prince is throwing a pajama party

Prince is throwing a 'pajama party' at his Minneapolis home this weekend and the invite asked the guests to "dress… Read More.