What Happened on 20 May 2016

Roof of sports hall at Hong Kong's City University collapses, three injured

At least three people were injured when the roof of a sports hall at a university in Hong Kong collapsed.… Read More.

Every year China cranks out 488 million fake social media posts

According to a new study, the government of China cranks out around 488 million fake social media posts every year.… Read More.

San Francisco police chief resigns

The chief of San Francisco Police Department has resigned. As per reports, Greg Suhr’s resignation came after an African-American woman… Read More.

Oklahoma legislature passes bill criminalizing abortion

A bill that would criminalize abortion procedures in Oklahoma has been passed by the legislature of the state. The bill… Read More.

Uber to experiment with driverless cars

Uber, The US car-hailing company, is the latest to join the race for driverless car technology. According to media reports,… Read More.