What Happened on 20 June 2014

Mass grave uncovered in Mexico

Some hungry cultures found about 31 bodies in a mass grave in a region of Mexico on Thursday, June 19.… Read More.

New king crowned in Spain

Prince Felipe, was crowed the king of Spain at midnight when his father King Juan Carlos was abdicated. No foreign… Read More.

Electric Haley to come soon

Harley-Davidson's new project is nothing like its previous ones. Reports suggest that it is soon expected to unveil LiveWire, which… Read More.

Dwyane Wade's name is impossible to spell

Sports editors have known for a while that Dwayne Wade's name is hard to spell and Jimmy Kimmel Live just… Read More.

People can now send smelly emails

Scientists recently emailed a photo from Paris to New York and reports suggest that the images of food in the… Read More.

Kim Kardashian will soon have her own video game

Kim Kardashian is soon coming to your app store in the form of a video game called "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood." … Read More.