What Happened on 20 January 2014

200 dolphins await slaughter in Japan

Over 200 bottlenose dolphins are soon to be slaughtered in the Taiji cove in Japan and the Sea Shepherd Conservation… Read More.

Putin: 'None of our guests will have any problems'

Vladimir Putin has once again taken the time to speak with the foreign media in regards to the Winter Olympics… Read More.

Indian politician's wife found dead in hotel room

A bizarre political scandal in India took a tragic turn when government minister Shashi Tharoor's wife, Sunanda Pushkar was found… Read More.

Commuting could result in the end of your relationship

Swedish researchers have determined that those who take 45 minutes or more to commute to work should be more careful… Read More.

Internet could survive net neutrality

Most reactions to the federal court's decision in favor of net neutrality have been negative since critics worry that Internet… Read More.

Airfare on the rise for fourth year in a row

It's not unreasonable to consider flying as an expensive option since airfares have been on the rise for four straight… Read More.

Ex-NFL star arrested on suspicion of rape

Former NFL star Darren Sharper was arrested on suspicion of rape yesterday. Reports suggest that he was released on a… Read More.

Denver Broncos to head to the Super Bowl

Peyton Manning is heading to the Super Bowl along with the Denver Broncos after a victory against the New England… Read More.

Study suggests that people are more sociable with their phones

It's a common belief that Americans waste too much time staring at their smartphones instead of spending time with their… Read More.

Teenager wrote the massive Target hack

Reports suggest that a 17-year-old Russian boy was responsible for writing the Target breach.  Gawker noted that the teenager wasn't… Read More.

Several stars have ditched Twitter for a while

Celebrities clearly have a tendency to hate on Twitter for a while since several of them have quit it before… Read More.

Michelle Hurst out of coma

Doctors induced coma on the Orange Is the New Black actress, Michelle Hurst after a serious car accident. Reports suggest… Read More.