What Happened on 20 February 2016

Uganda's president wins fifth term

Uganda’s President Yoweri Musevani won a fifth term as president. He has already been in power for thirty years. He… Read More.

Abducted Syrians killed in U.S. air strike in Libya

Air strike on an Islamist State jihadist camp killed two Serbian embassy employees who were kidnapped in November last year.… Read More.

Unilateral embargo sanctioned by U.S.against North Korea

U.S. has sanctioned new legislations on North Korea for testing a nuclear device and launching a satellite based on ballistic… Read More.

12 year jail for Maldives' opposition leader

The opposition leader and the chief of the Ahdaalath party Imran Abdullah has been sentenced to 12 years of imprisonment.… Read More.

Oil price hiked by Venezuela

In a move to address Venezuela economy’s recession, President Nicholas Maduro announced devaluation of Venezuelan currency named Venezuelan bolivar and… Read More.

Windows 10 sets unprecedented record

Just six months post its launch in July last year, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is set to become the most popular… Read More.