What Happened on 20 February 2014

26 dead in Kiev

More than 26 people died and hundreds of others are injured in the violence in Ukraine. The country's health ministry… Read More.

Perhaps Spain shouldn't mess with its perfect eating schedule

Spain is making some big changes in an attempt to get into a typical 9-to-5 workday schedule but LV Anderson… Read More.

Pussy riot gets roughed up in Russia

Things became a little ugly in Sochi when Pussy Riot began performing on an anti-Putin protest song.  The group comprised… Read More.

Facebook to plan on buying WhatsApp

Looks like Facebook is impressed with WhatsApp considering that the company recently announced that it plans to buy the message… Read More.

Why was The Lego Movie a success?

The Lego Movie received praise and positive reviews, which came as a surprise considering that the era is "politicized." Noah… Read More.

Man wins by sticking to same Powerball numbers for 20 years

This Iowa man won only $100 by playing the same Powerball numbers for 19 years. However, the 20th year proved… Read More.

Ashley Wagner mocks her expressions

Ashley Wagner made fun of herself like a boss and spent about 10 days replicating her surprised look during the… Read More.

Kate Upton does her SI photoshoot in zero gravity

Kate Upton did an awesome photoshoot by defying gravity for the annual Swimsuit Issue of this year's Sports Illustrated.  The… Read More.

Google offers advice to Glass users

Several unpleasant incidents led Google to offer some advice to Google Glass users: "Don't be a Glasshole." Plenty of guidelines… Read More.

Sun's surface shown in NSA video

It may not be possible to stare at the surface of the sun but it is possible for NASA's instruments… Read More.

Leighton Meester secretly marries Adam Brody

Former Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester secretly married The OC star Adam Brody less than three months after their engagement. … Read More.

Heidi Klum and Seal may be getting close again

Anyone who was disappointed by the demise of Seal and Heidi Klum's relationship now has something to be happy about:… Read More.