What Happened on 20 August 2013

Al-Qaeda plotting to attack Europe

According to a report by a German newspaper, Al-Qaeda could be plotting to attack the high-speed rail network in Europe. … Read More.

25 policemen killed in Egypt

Security officials in Egypt said 25 policemen were killed in Sinai on Monday. The policemen were off-duty wearing civilian clothes… Read More.

Death toll hits 55 in ferry diaster

Navy divers in the Philippines recovered more bodies from inside the ferry that sank after colliding with a cargo ship. … Read More.

Fast-food workers to ask for a raise

Fast-food workers went on a strike in order to get their minimum wages increased. Strategists have used the burger in… Read More.

Caroline Kennedy reveals her worth

Caroline Kennedy (American author and attorney) was asked to file her financial information with the Office of Government Ethics in… Read More.

Cost for attending private college is intimidating

Today's parents preparing to pay for their child's tuition are relatively lucky since the total cost to attend a 4-year… Read More.

Kobe Bryant to run in zero gravity

Kobe Bryant's post on his Instagram account proves that he's running again. The video shows him jogging on an anti-treadmill.… Read More.

Father and son arrested after playing golf

A father and son ended up getting arrested after playing golf and drinking at a golf course in Johnson County.… Read More.

Samsung phone approaches tablet size

The size of smartphones increases as people increasingly use them for playing games and watching movies. The new phone from… Read More.

LinkedIn to target students

LinkedIn is now looking to lower the age bar to 14 in the U.S. and launch University Pages in order… Read More.

'Rizzoli & Isles' star dies at 29

Lee Thompson Young who starred in "The Famous Jett Jackson" as well as in "Rizzoli & Isles" died at 29.… Read More.

Kylie Jenner celebrates her sweet 16

Kylie Jenner celebrated her birthday like any other spoiled celebrity teen. The venue was the AT&T Center in Los Angeles.… Read More.