What Happened on 20 April 2014

Monster found on Apple Maps

Turns out that Apple Maps is more efficient at monster-hunting than Google. Loch Ness Monster Hunters have found the creature… Read More.

Pound of gold found in patient's stomach

The patient appeared to have had an "acute intestinal obstruction" but it turns out the symptoms were a result of… Read More.

People with ObamaCare account asked to change passwords

Those who have accounts for ObamaCare's enrollment website are being asked to change their passwords after the review of the… Read More.

Dwight Howard loans teammate a Ferrari

It definitely pays to have teammates who are rich. Reports suggest that Rockets forward Chandler Parsons whose personal SUV got… Read More.

Selfies banned at graduation

Bryant University in Rhode Island has gone ahead and outlawed selfies during the graduation ceremony next month.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Stars who'd be rich even if they weren't famous

Our guess is that Anderson Cooper wouldn't really be poor if he hadn't become a star. Perez Hilton has put together… Read More.