What Happened on 19 September 2015

Russia has sent fighter jets to Syria, says US

Russia has sent fighter planes to Syria in support of the Bashar al-Assad government, according to US officials, leading to… Read More.

Clashes between Palestinians, Israeli forces spread

Several people have been injured in escalating clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces, with the violence spreading beyond the… Read More.

Croatia will not become 'migrant hotspot', says prime minister

Croatia’s prime minister Zoran Milanović has said that his country can no longer cope with the influx… Read More.

Japan: Parliament allows military to fight overseas

In a historic move, the Japanese parliament voted to allow the country’s military to fight overseas for the first time… Read More.

California: Firefighters gain ground as search for missing people continues

US firefighters have gained more ground in their battle against two deadly wildfires in northern CaliforniaRead More.

US: Volkswagen ordered to recall half-a-million cars

US regulators have ordered Volkswagen to recall 500,000 cars that have a device which hides the pollution levels. The device… Read More.