What Happened on 19 May 2014

18 detained in relation to Turkey disaster

Officials in Turkey have been investigating the mining disaster that took the lives of 301 people and 18 people have… Read More.

32 kids die in Colombia bus fire

Authorities in Colombia said young people were traveling by a bus that caught fire and more than 32 children died… Read More.

Animals can do abstract thinking

Humans think they are unique since they possess the ability to make connections and understand abstract concepts. However, research has… Read More.

Swiss voters say no to increase in minimum wage

It appears that Swiss voters don't approve of increasing the minimum wage in the country to $25.  The BBC noted… Read More.

Flappy Bird to return this August

Creator of the mobile game ''Flappy Bird,'' said that he is bringing back the game to mobile app stores this… Read More.

What is Obama's net worth?

Barack Obama may not be as rich as Mitt Romney, but he's making a good amount of money for himself.… Read More.

Paralyzed player lands NFL contract

Devon Walker graduated from Tulane University and landed an NFL contract the same day. The inspirational player is paralyzed from… Read More.

Scientists have found the biggest dinosaur

A new dinosaur unearthed in Argentina is believed to be the biggest one ever found on the planet.  The Telegraph… Read More.

Celebrities behaving badly on social media

Rihanna recently made fun of a young fan on Twitter. The 16-year-old girl had worn an outfit inspired by the… Read More.

Pamela Anderson reveals shocking childhood incidents

Pamela Anderson told guests at a Cannes Film Festival that she was abused by her female babysitter and then raped… Read More.