What Happened on 19 March 2014

Aussie girl survives a shark attack

A 10-year-old girl in Australia was attacked by a shark and suffered an injury to her hand. Paramedics were asked… Read More.

Jet mystery could be related to a fire

Six possible theories regarding the missing Malaysia Airlines flight are being investigated but a particularly plausible one suggests that the… Read More.

Mexico cartel stole organs from kidnapped children

Mexican police mentioned that they've uncovered a scheme linked to the kidnapping of children and the sale of their organs.… Read More.

New Safety Chief position created at GM

General Motors hasn't been doing too well in the safety department and the company recently created a new position, appointing… Read More.

People save less for retirement but still remain confident

A new survey reveals that about 36 percent of Americans have saved less than $1k for their retirement but a… Read More.

Duped dater loses $70k and sues OKCupid

An online dater who lost over $70k to someone he had never met in person is now suing OKCupid. The… Read More.

Attorney wants college players to get paid

The US legal system is soon to get involved in the debate about whether or not student athletes should be… Read More.

Colts' Irsay goes to rehab after being charged

Colts owner Jim Isray's family stated that Isray placed himself in a facility after being caught with several prescription drugs… Read More.

Airplane transponders should come without an off switch

The transponder of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was somehow turned off and Gregg Easterbrook of the New York Times… Read More.

NSA can record all calls in a foreign nation

Edward Snowden has revealed another NSA scoop and it seems that the agency has access to a program called MYSTIC,… Read More.

Ashton, Mila hated each other initially

Contrary to most people's belief, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher didn't always have a secret crush on each other. Sources… Read More.

Mick Jagger is struggling to understand

Mick Jagger's website simply reads L'Wren" and displays a photo of his late longtime girlfriend.  "I am still struggling to… Read More.