What Happened on 19 June 2016

Protests in Okinawa over presence of US military

People of Okinawa, a Japanese island, have gathered to protest the presence of US army on the island. The protest… Read More.

Six militants killed, nine hostages released in Afghanistan

In an operation conducted by Afghan army in association with Afghan air force and other security institution, nine hostages were… Read More.

Putin meets top European officials

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in a reconciliatory mood after the two-day meeting with top European officials announced that Russia is… Read More.

Three men with terrorism charges held in Belgium after an overnight raid

Amid the increased security in Belgium and France due to the Euro Soccer Tournament, 2016, three men were charged with… Read More.

Rome to elect first female mayor

In a run-off vote in the municipal elections, Rome would be electing its first female mayor. According to media reports,… Read More.