What Happened on 19 June 2014

Syria may still be using chemical weapons

Syria agreed to get rid of all its chemical weapons last year, but it appears that the country is still… Read More.

Sneeze killed a woman

A 79-year-old woman reportedly died on Sunday, June 15, because of a sneeze since police said her vehicle rolled a… Read More.

Amazon unveils its smartphone called 'Fire Phone'

Amazon's smartphone has been long-rumored, but reports suggest that it has finally been unveiled. The most interesting features of the… Read More.

Confiscated caramel sauce may be behind Uruguay's loss

It appears that Uruguay's professional athletes may not have met their dietary needs due to the absence of caramel sauce.… Read More.

There's a new app called 'Yo'

A new app called 'Yo' lets people send a text of 'Yo' to others. The concept seems pointless, but reports… Read More.

Celebrity couple promotes charities

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are loved by millions of fans and most of that is the result of their… Read More.