What Happened on 19 July 2013

How Rowling's secret was revealed

The unmasking of JK Rowling's identity as the author of her new book 'The Cuckoo's Calling' was not a well… Read More.

Moderate earthquake in Wellington

A 5.3-magnitude earthquake was felt in the capital city of New Zealand but no damage has been reported. Witnesses mentioned… Read More.

India School's headmistress may be to blame for deadly lunch

The headmistress of the Indian School where 23 students died after eating lunch is being looked for by the police… Read More.

Mothercare hoping the sales to pick up with Royal baby products

The baby clothing and equipment retailer is hoping that the excitement for the arrival of the Royal baby will be… Read More.

Mobile Facebook users in UK jump 22 per cent

According to Reuters, Facebook's mobile traffic was up in the United Kingdom by 22 per cent in June and that… Read More.

Investigators call for airlines to check emergency beacons

The cause of fire on the Ethopian Airways aircraft that led to the Heathrow airport shutting down for 90 minutes… Read More.

Wrestling Match results leaked

A fan identifying himself as Dolphins1925 claims that he has access to the information about the WWE match results and… Read More.

Amare Stoudemire to be invited by the President of Israel

Shimon Peres has invited Amare Stoudemire to play national basketball. The reason behind this invite was the NBA ALL-star's ties… Read More.

PayPal accidentally makes man a quadrillionaire

Chris Reynolds of Media, Penn. has been the first man to ever become a "quadrillionaire" but for a short period… Read More.

Jim Cramer suggests Snapchat is used for insider trading

CNBC's Jim Cramer implies that Wall Street bankers use Snapchat for insider trading. Cramer spoke to US Attorney, Bharara about… Read More.

Felicity Jones may have leaked information about 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

Felicity Jones ended up leaking details about 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' during a recent interview with the View London. The… Read More.

Netflix being accused of cropping movies

According to a blog on Tumblr, films on Netflix have been changed as compared to how they were shown on… Read More.