What Happened on 19 January 2014

Surprise nun names her new born after the pope

A nun gave birth to a newborn son and named him after the pope.  The 31-year-old in Reiti said she… Read More.

Christ statue in Rio damaged by lightening

Storms are damaging the 125-statue of Christ built in Rio de Janeiro but father Omar Raposo mentioned that such strikes… Read More.

Honest man returns envelope containing cash and check

An honest 23-year-old discovered an envelope containing $2k cash in a parking lot in Clackamas, Oregon.  It also had a… Read More.

Putin said gays are fine if they leave kids alone

Putin was probably trying to be nice towards homosexuals in Russia but it didn't end up coming out right. He… Read More.

Emoji threats are to be considered serious

The topic of emoticon threats is not an explored territory but experts said you could get into trouble for threatening… Read More.

Laura Linney becomes a new mom

Laura Linney had her first baby this week. The event is notable because everyone is fond of the star and… Read More.