What Happened on 19 February 2014

Snowden elected rector at university

Edward Snowden supported Glasgow University students in Scotland who elected him as the institution's new rector.  The vote was symbolic… Read More.

Mona Lisa's real face may have been found

A three-year-long quest that put experts closer to finding out what the real face of Mona Lisa looks like has… Read More.

Man tries to get eaten by a tiger

A Chinese man chose to commit suicide by feeding himself to a tiger. Yang Jinhai lowered himself into the enclosure… Read More.

Capital One could visit cardholders at work and home

Capital One has informed its credit card holders that the firm may contact them in any manner they wish to:… Read More.

70K people trying to play a video game at the same time

Multiplayer online gaming is common but a new experiment shows what happens when thousands of people attempt to control a… Read More.

Groupon's Presidents' Day mistake was no mistake

Groupon gave its customers a deal as well as a lesson in American history this year.  The press release of… Read More.

Richie Incognito fires an agent and apologizes on Twitter

Richie Incognito apologized for "acting like a big baby" after firing his agent on Twitter.  "I apologize for acting like… Read More.

Olympic ice dancing is not a sport

Ice dancing is a difficult thing to do and despite requiring flawless technique, it's not considered to be a sport.… Read More.

Navy to deploy its futuristic weapons

Some of the Navy's weapons look like they have come out of a Star Wars movie. That future is now… Read More.

Woman put in jail for not returning rented video

Kayla Michelle Finley is probably wishing she had never rented the the Jennifer Lopez movie, which made her spend a… Read More.

Sharon Stone's goal is to look old

You can't tell by looking at Sharon Stone that she's about to turn 56 next month. The star tells Shape… Read More.

Who broke Taylor Swift's heart?

Taylor Swift has written plenty of sad songs about love and breakup and we have news for those who have… Read More.