What Happened on 19 December 2015

Rwandans vote to allow Kagame to extend term in office, say reports

Rwandans have voted to allow Paul Kagame to extend his term as president, according to the initial referendum results. Approximately… Read More.

African Union to send 5,000 peacekeepers to Burundi

The African Union has authorized sending 5,000 peacekeepers to Burundi in a bid to stop the violence… Read More.

'Friendly fire' kills Iraqi soldiers near Fallujah

A US-led air strike targeting Islamic State (Isis) may have killed Iraqi troops, according to… Read More.

UN Security Council unanimously endorses Syrian peace plan

The United Nations (UN) Security Council has unanimously backed a resolution that outlines a peace process in conflict-hit Read More.

Brazil's president replaces pro-austerity finance minister Joaquim Levy

Brazil’s finance minister Joaquim Levy has been replaced following disagreements with President Dilma Rousseff and the ruling… Read More.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens sets box office record

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has set a box office record for the opening night in north America, according to… Read More.