What Happened on 19 December 2013

US arrests and strips Indian diplomat

Indian lawmakers are upset over the arrest of an Indian diplomat in New York. An MP referred to this as… Read More.

Morsi to face death penalty

Mohamed Morsi is in a lot of legal trouble: The former Islamist president has been referred to trial for conspiring… Read More.

1 in every 200 women said they had a virgin pregnancy

In a new study about reproductive health involving 7,870 women, 45 said they got pregnant without having a vaginal intercourse… Read More.

Store luring holiday procrastinators

Stores are introducing holiday deals and extending shopping hours for those who want to shop right before Christmas.  People usually… Read More.

Chipotle introduces pizzas

Chipotle is expanding into something more than just rice and beans: The chain is now expanding into a "fast, casual"… Read More.

Woman dies after tweeting about long workday

There are two potential culprits for the death of a copywriter for the agency Young & Rubicam Indonesia: Kratingdaeng (original… Read More.

Obama to skip Sochi games

Neither the current one nor any former president of the US is attending the Olympic Games this year.  However, the… Read More.

Mega agency to represent both actors and athletes

Hollywood agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment is expected to buy the sports agency called IMG Worldwide.  WME's co-CEO said the… Read More.

Artificial intelligence is a threat to us all

Matt Miller of the Washington Post is worried about how quickly artificial intelligence is entering our daily lives.  "Are we… Read More.

Woman checks Facebook and almost drowns

This woman would have probably wanted to update her Facebook status to "I'm falling off a pier" if it were… Read More.

Justin Bieber: I'm retiring

If Justin Bieber is not kidding then this Christmas is truly going to be a lucky one.  The "Baby" singer… Read More.

New author picked for 4th Dragon Tattoo novel

Good news for the fans of "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo": Swedish writer David Norstedts Förlag has been chosen… Read More.