What Happened on 19 August 2016

Germany in the Queue of Banning Veils

Discussions are going on in Germany to ban veils, especially in public places where identification is required. It has been… Read More.

US Links Iran Cash to Prisoner Release

According to the State Department, cash payment of $400m to Iran was used as leverage while releasing five US prisoners.… Read More.

Philippines President Duterte Calls Senator Immoral

Philippines new president Rodrigo Duterte has shocked many Filipinos after calling woman senator an immoral woman. He accused senator Leila… Read More.

Many People Executed by Mexican Police

22 People Executed by Mexican Police As per the reports from the National Human Rights Commission of Mexico, at least… Read More.

US Olympic Committee Apologizes for Swimmers' Behavior

The United States Olympic Committee has apologized for the unacceptable behavior of the four swimmers who said they were robbed… Read More.