What Happened on 18 September 2013

Yemeni official said its time to end child marriages

Local officials insist on the fact that the incident about the 8-year girl dying of internal injuries on her wedding… Read More.

Costa Concordia successfully righted after the successful salvage operation

Crews have been successful at one of the hardest salvage projects in history. Restoring Costa Concordia to an upright position… Read More.

Riots in Bangladesh after leader sentenced to death

The Supreme Court decision to sentence Bangladesh's prominent leader Abdul Quader Mollah to death has resulted in riots.  The former assistant… Read More.

Google is world's top employer for new grads

Google is ranked as the No. 1 choice for both business as well as engineering students, many of whom dream… Read More.

NY art dealer admits her role in a multi-million dollar scam

An art dealer admitted to making about $30M by selling works painted by a Chinese living in Queens and claiming… Read More.

China becomes the No. 2 market for Starbucks

China is expected to replace Canada early next year after Starbuck opens its 1,000th store there. Starbucks has announced the… Read More.

Rugby star apologizes for prank on British PM

An Irish Lions rugby star, Manu Tuilagi apologized for playing a prank on British Prime Minister… Read More.

Police shot an unarmed man 10 times

Cop Randall Kerrik is accused of shooting Jonathan A. Ferrell, a former football player at Florida A&M University.  The 24-year… Read More.

Twitter and Facebook access in Iran is gone again

Iranians recently got the opportunity to waste their time on social media networking sites for a few hours because of… Read More.

South Korea to build an invisible skyscraper

After the superpowered skyscraper in London, which melts cars, it is now South Korea that is building a cool one.… Read More.

Britney Spears to reside in Las Vegas

Britney Spears is now headed to Vegas for two years and will perform 50 shows during that period.  The former… Read More.

Miley Cyrus is no longer engaged

The bad news is that reps for both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have confirmed that the relationship between the… Read More.