What Happened on 18 October 2013

Attackers spoke on the phone and prayed inside Kenya mall

As the attackers at the Kenya mall strolled through the area carrying guns, they also prayed and chatted on their… Read More.

Half of the 30M slaves in the world are in India

Slavery is still a big issue on the planet since there are as many as 30M slaves across 162 countries. … Read More.

Iran fails at executing criminal

Although, Iran has had plenty of practice executing criminals, it failed to kill a 37-year old drug smuggler. Alireza was… Read More.

Why you can buy orchids for $5

Orchids used to be pricy in the past but that changed, thanks to the Taiwanese entrepreneurs and their approach to… Read More.

Federal workers getting paid next week

Most workers who were temporarily laid off and weren't paid for 16 days are expected to receive back pay within… Read More.

Harley-Davidson recalls motorcycles

The Milwaukee-based company Harley Davidson is recalling some of its 2014 motorcycle models due to a possible issue with safety. … Read More.

Racer dead in training crash

A promising racer in Britain Sean Edwards died in a crash during training.  The 28-year old Porsche Supercup Championship leader… Read More.

Adrian Peterson attends son's funeral

Adrian Peterson missed practice on Wednesday in order to attend his 2-year old son's funeral.  Tyrese Robert Ruffin died after… Read More.

Wikipedia science entries are dominated by men

Few female scientists and technologists have detailed pages on Wikipedia; some don't have any pages at all.  This is another… Read More.

Latest service will let you transfer money via email

The latest payment service by Square lets its users transfer money via email.  It's as easy as setting up an… Read More.

Bieber's new music video is filmed at Great Wall of China

Another reason for people to hate on Justin Bieber: He doesn't have any respect for culturally significant wonders of the… Read More.

Author wins big prizes at 28

Unlike most authors at age 28, New Zealand author Eleanor Catton has won the Man Booker Prize for her book… Read More.